The New Hemline

Thankfully jeans are offered in several different lengths, but it is very rare that you will purchase a pair that hits your legs perfectly.  Women have a little more luck in this area though.  Sorry men!  If they’re a tad long we can slip on a pair of heels and voila!  However, not every girl likes to shlep around in these heights.  Another way for ladies and gents to trim up their jeans is handing them over to a tailor.  If you’re not ready to fork over the cash to a seamstress, no problem!  There’s a new hemline that’s so easy to make your three-year-old nephew could do it.  Although, I don’t recommend.  Designers are offering these new raw edge jeans for hundreds of dollars and you can get the same look for free.  Just grab a pair of jeans, sharp scissors, and follow the directions below.

Lay Flat – Fold your jeans in half lengthwise on a flat surface so that the seams perfectly match one another.

Cut – Decide where you would like them to hit on your leg.  I suggest right at the top of your ankle.  And if your are not great at cutting straight lines, use a pencil and a ruler to mark them.  Grab your scissors and cut the line across each leg seperately.

Wash – In order to get the frayed look, throw them in the washing machine on cold and hang dry.

Trim – There could be a little too much fraying, so clean up the extra long threads with scissors.

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