It’s Turtle Time! The Man Turtleneck

Turtlenecks can get a bad rap, especially for men.  Let’s take the 90s for instance when guys would sport a cotton blend underneath a spiffy cable knit sweater – yep, definitely not a good look.  And we mustn’t forget the turtleneck dickies in the 70s.  They were groovy baby or so they thought at the time.  Apparently, for men, turtlenecks have a long history of slacking in the fashion must-have department.  However, with a little nip and tuck these garments revived in the past few years and are now offered in luxe cashmere and wool blends. They have even been seen on some of Hollywood’s most fashionable men including David Beckham, Bradley Cooper, and Drake.  (Drake rocked the chunky knit turtleneck so well in his “Hotline Bling” video.  I wouldn’t want to be the one paying for all those new calls on his cell phone bill.)

The key to pulling off the turtleneck trend is learning how to wear them.  Try some of my favorite ways below for a modern look.  (And please steer clear of turtleneck dickies, for everyone’s sake.)

Layer with a chunky sweater –  Pick a turtleneck made of a thinner fabric like a cashmere or silk blend and throw on a thick knit over top.

Sport it underneath a suit  – Switch out the normal white button down and tie with a silk blend turtleneck to put under your suit.  You may be surprised with just how much dapper you look.

Go monochrome – Navy on navy, grey on grey, black on black, whatever your go-to color may be insert a turtleneck into your one color outfit.

Combine it with sweat pants – Want an easy peasy way to be comfy, but not look like a schlub?  In reference to my boy Drake again, try his look by combining a chunky turtleneck sweater with a pair of sweat pants.

Now throw on that neck loving garment because “it’s turtle time!”

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