In the Bag

Just like a painter who needs paints, brushes, palettes, and mixing trays to produce a masterpiece, a wardrobe stylist requires numerous tools aside from clothing and accessories to create an impactful look.  Depending upon how many items a stylist purchases for their kit, they are often carried in a small bag.  However, after numerous shoots I seemed to have gathered up a few more useful items which has inevitably made me graduate into a ginormous tote.  If you have ever thought of becoming a wardrobe stylist or just curious what goes on behind the scenes of a photoshoot, take a dive into my bag of tricks!  Here are a few (not all) of the items I recommend having on hand:

Clips (small and large) – These are probably the absolute most important tool in my bag.  Although, I am given the model’s measurements prior to the shoot, the model often doesn’t fit the clothing exactly.  The clips, which I recommend getting in both small and large, are super helpful in tailoring the garment so that it looks flawless on camera.

Deodorant sponge – This is the best utensil to clean deodorant off of clothing.  Although the light white marks don’t seem that noticeable, believe me, they will be on camera.

Handheld steamer – Photo studios usually have a steamer, however, it’s always a good thing to have one of your own.  It could be in use by another stylist or you never know when it could stop working.  I had a steamer start spraying water on a recent shoot and I was so thankful I had brought my own.

Hosiery – In case I want to change up the model’s look.

Lint roller – It is very important you get rid of all the little fibers laying on clothing, especially for those close up shots.  These sticky rolls do the trick!

Lotion – Although the makeup artist usually has lotion on hand, I carry some along with me just in case.  If the model has dry hands, legs, or arms, it’s important that you smooth them out.

Painters tape – Used to protect the bottom of shoes.  Although a lot of the shoes I borrow are samples, I often tape the bottom of the shoes with tape to prevent further damage.  Painters tape is super easy to remove so it’s perfect for shoots.

Scissors – I most always use these on every shoot.

Sewing kit – You never know when a button is going to pop or a seam will let loose.

Shout wipes – Aka life savers!  These little pieces of wet paper, I swear, take out any little stain.

Stylist tape – To prevent any wardrobe malfunctions.  I use these strips to prevent a blouse from gapping and to create a temporary hem.

Wrinkle releaser – I often use a steamer to get rid of the wrinkles, but this little spray bottle is helpful when I am on location.

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