You can drape yourself in diamonds, rubies, fur, or flash everyone your designer labels to make it known that you are walking money.  However, what if you don’t have the dough to drop on the lavish lifestyle or don’t want to appear ostentatious, but still like the idea of looking classy?  How about picking a color.  That’s pretty simple, right?  Choose a color and stick to it from head to toe (well, sometimes not the toe).  Also known as monochrome, dressing in all one color in different tones or black and white is a chic and easy way to step up your outfit game.  Check out some of my favorite “not in your face” expensive looking outfits below.

Monochrome Purple
Monochrome Blue

Monochrome Pink

Monochrome Berry The Gloss

Monochrome Black & White

Monochrome Gray - Sam C Perry

Monochrome Black

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