I have a so-called "thing" for boxing and finance. Although, most would say these professions couldn't be more different, I find them very similar. They are both powerful and mysterious, which I find very intriguing. So after a year of marinating myself in the idea of joining the two worlds in a editorial shoot, I finally found the perfect location and team to pull it off. The plot of story is a lonely big shot leaves his stressful finance career for the only place he finds peace, a boxing gym. For wardrobe, I chose a beautiful Hugo Boss suit, a Brooks Brothers coat combined with a black tie and sleek shoes to give him an expensive vibe. I wanted the model to still look classy at the gym, but not stuffy since this was his place of refuge. Therefore, I dressed him in well-made sweats and a sweater. In order to convey that sense of mystery we stuck to black and white imagery along with dark lighting. | Photographer: Alec Tremaine | Model: Keith Gerdes | Hairstylist: Nicole Higgins