I've styled numerous shoots over the years and I have to admit that this editorial truly oozes the essence of who I am as a wardrobe stylist. Soft and tough elements molded together to create beautiful yet somewhat mysterious looks. We took a more modern approach on depicting our ballerina in this story. She was graceful yet fierce. So in each outfit I included a black leather piece such as long leather gloves, overalls, and a high neck dress to represent her strength and a delicate garment: feathers, a flowy dress, and a rosette top to represent her elegance. The shoes were also key to making this ballerina stand out from your normal coryphee. Since these shoes are their most prized possession, they had to make a statement. Therefore, I took ballet flats and strung black ribbon into them while lacing them all the way up the model's leg. Not only do the long ribbons grab the audience's attention, but it showcases the model's lengthy legs. | Photographer: Kevin Alexander | Hairstylist: Nicole Higgins | MUA: Liz Wegrzyn