Close Encounters | Lucy’s Magazine

I had been dreaming of this shoot for years. For some reason, I'm infatuated with wind turbine farms. When I lived in Los Angeles I traveled to Palm Desert on the weekends and the highway that took me there went through a plethora of these gigantic white fans. Each time my eyes lite up and the voice inside my head would whisper "we're going into the future." Although wind turbine farms have been around for over 30 years, there's something futuristic about them. So when I was asked to take the wheel on creating the concept for Lucy's Magazine shoot, I knew exactly what it would be. I kept the wardrobe black to contrast with the white turbines and also because in "my" future everyone wears black. Along with textured clothing, accessories made an impact on making the looks more modern including wrap around mirrored sunglasses, gladiator heels, long "wet" gloves, a face mask, and a large mirrored belt. | Photographer: Lynzi Judish | Model: Ariel Thompson | Hair: Nicole Higgins | Makeup: Jack Gratton