5 Simple Ways to Flatter Your Figure

The holidays are over and many of us are now dealing with the aftermath of boozalicious parties, the daily popcorn trio munching, and sugar cookie overload.  I can definitely vouch for that.  While our New Year’s resolutions strive to counteract the damage with detox cleanses and insane workouts at the gym, it can sometimes take a bit to get your badass bod back.  If you are as impatient as I am and still want to look and feel incredible while you are working towards your health goals, I suggest you follow my tips on how to flatter your figure.

1. Pick panels – Slip into a dress with black paneling on the outside of the silhouette and color on the inside.  The dark fabric hugging your frame will cast a slimming effect.  The same goes for layering. Opt for a dark jacket or sweater over your first layer.

2. Suck it in – Shimmy your way into high waisted pants for a tight looking tummy.  Whomever came up with these bad boys have me singing their praises a million times.  I have practically every color and style of high waisted jeans carefully folded in my closet.  They hide the bloat, bulge and make you feel darn skinny.

3. Lengthen – Although skinny pants are still all the rage, they are not as figure flattering as a pair of flare legs. Flared styles make your legs appear longer which creates a more proportionate figure (especially for those needing an extra boost in the height department.)

4. Go nude – I am not talking about running around wild in your birthday suit.  Get your mind out of the gutter, silly.  This tip has to deal with your shoes.  Nude heels create an illusion that your legs are leaner and go on for days.  Be sure to match the shoe as close to your skin tone as possible though.

5. Accentuate your assets – Show everyone what you love about your appearance.  If it’s your decolletage, try an off-the -shoulder top.  Or if you feel lucky to have such beautiful stems, strut your stuff in a short skirt or dress.  The area that you flaunt is where eyes will be directed to the most.

It’s now time for you to feel and look like the babe that you are.

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